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Revitalize Your Kia Sorento with High-Quality Remanufactured Engines

Your Kia Sorento is a reliable companion, but even the most dependable vehicles need proper care and maintenance. At Patriot Engines, we understand the vital role your engine plays in your vehicle's performance. That's why we offer high-quality remanufactured Kia Sorento engines for sale that breathe new life into your beloved SUV.

Why Choose Us For Your Remanufactured Kia Sorento Engine?

We Warranty Every Engine

We warranty every engine we sell to ensure your peace of mind.

Free Nationwide Shipping

Free shipping for all U.S. residents in our nationwide remanufactured engine inventory

Stress-Free Experience

We're committed to providing a stress-free experience to both new and returning customers.

Top Brands at Low Prices

We carry high-quality low mileage engines for all of the top brands including Honda, Toyota, and Ford.

Patriot Engines Quality Promise

We're committed to providing a stress-free experience to both new and returning customers. Our shop only sources parts from reputable brands to ensure that your vehicle is always ready to drive. At Patriot Engines we offer upgraded and updated remanufactured engines that ensure longevity and are better than the original factory-produced engines.

Our Remanufacturing Process

At Patriot Engines, we take pride in our advanced remanufacturing process. Our team of expert technicians disassembles, inspects, and meticulously rebuilds each engine to meet OEM standards. We use only top-quality parts, ensuring that every remanufactured engine delivers optimal performance and longevity. What's more, our commitment to sustainability drives us to minimize waste and reduce our carbon footprint, making our remanufactured engines an eco-conscious choice.

Advantages of Our Remanufactured Kia Sorento Engines

Our remanufactured Kia Sorento engines offer a host of benefits that go beyond just getting your vehicle back on the road. With improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, you'll save money at the pump. Each engine undergoes rigorous testing and quality control measures to ensure its reliability and performance. For added peace of mind, we offer extended warranty options, so you can drive with confidence.

Patriot Engines Can Get you Any Engine You Need

No matter the model year of your Kia Sorento, we have the perfect engine for you. We have access to a wide range of Kia Sorento engine models, ensuring compatibility with various model years.

Simple and Secure Ordering Process

Ordering your remanufactured Kia Sorento engine from Patriot Engines is a breeze. Our user-friendly website guides you through a step-by-step process to order the perfect engine for your SUV. Your security is our priority, and our secure checkout process ensures a smooth and safe transaction. Choose from a variety of secure payment options to suit your preferences.

Dedicated Customer Support

We take pride in providing excellent customer service. If you have any questions or need assistance, our dedicated customer support team is here to help. Simply give us a call at (888) 823-7800 during our business hours, and we'll gladly assist you.

Remanufactured Kia Sorento Engine Warranty

We stand behind the quality and reliability of our remanufactured engines, which is why we offer an industry-leading warranty. Rest easy knowing that your investment is protected and that we are committed to providing top-notch products and services.

Find a Remanufactured Kia Sorento Engine For Sale At Patriot Engines

Patriot Engines

Don't let a faulty engine hold you back from enjoying your Kia Sorento's performance and comfort. Take action today and explore our selection of remanufactured Kia Sorento engines at Patriot Engines. We are confident that our high-quality products, combined with our exceptional customer service, will exceed your expectations. Rediscover the joy of driving with our remanufactured engines - value, performance, and affordability guaranteed.

Kia Sorento Engine FAQs

The lifespan of a Kia Sorento engine can vary depending on several factors, including maintenance, driving habits, and environmental conditions.

  1. Ensure the vehicle is turned off.
  2. Open the vehicle's hood and locate the battery.
  3. Disconnect the negative terminal (black) of the battery using a wrench or pliers. Leave it disconnected for about 15 minutes.
  4. Reconnect the negative terminal to the battery.
  5. Start the engine, and the check engine light should be reset.

The cost of replacing a Kia Sorento engine can vary depending on factors such as the model year, engine type, and labor costs in your area. Contact Patriot Engines for a free quote today!

Some common engine problems reported in Kia Sorento vehicles include:

  • Engine knocking or ticking noise
  • Oil leaks
  • Coolant leaks
  • Check engine light issues
  • Loss of power or reduced acceleration
  • Overheating
  • Timing chain or belt issues
  • Cylinder misfires

For diagnosing and addressing engine codes in your Kia Sorento, you have a few options:

  • Authorized Kia Dealership
  • Certified Mechanics
  • Auto Parts Stores

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