Remanufactured 2014-2017 Jaguar F-Type RWD 5.0L supercharged Engine For Sale

Jaguar F-Type RWD 5.0L Supercharged Engine Near Me

At Patriot Engines, we understand the frustration that comes with ongoing engine problems. That's why we offer a reliable solution: remanufactured Jaguar engines built for exceptional performance, impressive fuel efficiency, and long-lasting durability.

What makes our remanufactured engines stand out? We carefully rebuild them to meet or exceed the original manufacturer's specifications, ensuring unmatched reliability and optimal performance for your Jaguar.

If you're a Jaguar enthusiast who values dependability, choose Patriot Engines for your remanufactured 2014-2017 Jaguar F-Type RWD 5.0L supercharged engine.

Why Choose Us For Your Jaguar F-Type RWD 5.0L Supercharged Engine?

We Warranty Every Engine

We warranty every engine we sell to ensure your peace of mind.

Free Nationwide Shipping

Free shipping for all U.S. residents in our nationwide remanufactured engine inventory

Stress-Free Experience

We're committed to providing a stress-free experience to both new and returning customers.

Top Brands at Low Prices

We carry high-quality low mileage engines for all of the top brands including Honda, Toyota, and Ford.

Warranty for a Remanufactured Jaguar F-Type RWD 5.0L Supercharged Engine

Securing Your Investment with Confidence

Buying a remanufactured Jaguar F-Type RWD 5.0L supercharged engine from Patriot Engines means you get peace of mind. You can trust that you're getting a reliable engine built to last. We also provide a comprehensive warranty to protect your investment in your Jaguar's thrilling performance.

2-year/24,000-mile parts and labor warranty

We guarantee the excellent quality of our remanufactured 2014-2017 Jaguar F-Type RWD 5.0L supercharged engines. 

That's why each engine includes a comprehensive 2-year/24,000-mile warranty on parts and labor. This warranty shows our dedication to your satisfaction and ensures your Jaguar's engine performs well for a long time.

Patriot Engines Solutions

Give your Jaguar F-Type RWD 5.0L supercharged engine a new lease on life!  Our remanufactured engines are a reliable, cost-effective way to get your Jaguar roaring back to its peak performance, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

But it's not just about the engine. At Patriot Engines, we're passionate about providing exceptional customer service. Our expert team will be there to guide and support you every step of the way. 

Choose Patriot Engines for a dependable and budget-friendly solution that boosts your Jaguar's performance, efficiency, and longevity.

Quality and Affordability

Finding a top-notch, budget-friendly engine for your Jaguar F-Type shouldn't be a hassle.  That's why Patriot Engines specializes in the expert remanufacturing of Jaguar engines. 

In fact, our engines frequently surpass the original equipment manufacturer's (OEM) standards for quality and performance.

Contact Patriot Engines for Quality and Affordability

Patriot Engines

Is your 2014-2017 Jaguar F-Type RWD 5.0L supercharged engine giving you trouble? Patriot Engines offers remanufactured engines that are both reliable and affordable, saving you money without sacrificing performance.  

We're your one-stop shop for getting your Jaguar back on the road, running smoothly, and staying within your budget. Contact our team today to get a quote or learn more.

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