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Who Makes the Best Remanufactured Engines?

When it comes time to replace your worn-out existing engine, opting for a professional-grade remanufactured engine offers the potential for incredible value.

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Who Makes the Best Remanufactured Engines?

When it comes time to replace your worn-out existing engine, opting for a professional-grade remanufactured engine offers the potential for incredible value.

However, realizing that promise requires selecting a leading remanufacturer capable of meeting today's higher expectations around longevity, efficiency, customization, and emissions performance.

Close-up view of a remanufactured engine being cleanedWith over 20 years dedicated to engine remanufacturing, our rigorous yet efficient reman process at Patriot Engines sets industry benchmarks for quality, durability, and precision. Our engines leverage state-of-the-art equipment, seasoned engineers, and sustainable techniques to restore engines to exceed new conditions. A commitment to continuous improvement enables enhancing flaws in the original equipment design.

Whether you seek an affordable remanufactured engine for reliable transportation or a custom-tailored powerhouse for specialized applications, we have a proven solution purpose-built for your needs. Our comprehensive process scrutinizes and enhances every component while proprietary dynamometer testing validates optimal outputs aligned with your goals.

When you require the best-remanufactured engine backed by tangible excellence at every step, choose Patriot Engines.

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What is a Remanufactured Engine?

A remanufactured engine offers a cost-effective way to replace a worn-out engine while enhancing reliability and longevity. During remanufacturing, trained technicians fully disassemble the original used engine core, thoroughly clean and inspect all components, and rebuild the engine from the ground up using advanced techniques and equipment.

All worn parts get precision machined and restored to meet OEM specifications or upgraded with improved components. Remanufacturing transforms tired engine cores into like-new powerhouses built to factory-original benchmarks. The reman process costs substantially less than replacing it with a new crate engine.

As the best-remanufactured engine company with decades of rebuilds, our reman engines offer warrantied reliability at huge savings over new engines. Discover the pinnacle of value and dependability with one of our remanufactured engines tailored for your vehicle.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Remanufactured Engine

Close-up view of a remanufactured engine tuningWhen choosing a remanufactured engine, prioritize key factors for reliability. Opt for a remanufacturer with rigorous dynamic testing, offering generous warranties covering parts and labor. Consider a reputable company emphasizing the use of premium OEM components for durability. Choose specialists focused on your engine model, ensuring compatibility. Look for transparency in the remanufacturing process and incorporate the latest technological upgrades. Seek providers with custom options for tailored performance. By considering these factors, you ensure a reliable and optimized remanufactured engine for your vehicle.

Remanufactured Engine Buying Guide

When buying a remanufactured engine, consider key factors for a tailored selection. Evaluate your budget, vehicle compatibility, usage case, and efficiency targets. Opt for cost-effective advantages by choosing a professionally remanufactured engine over new crate engines or used ones, varying in price based on the original engine quality, needed reconditioning, and model demand. Confirm factory-equivalent specs by selecting remanufacturers specializing in your vehicle's engine family providing VIN details for precise matching.

To guide selection, identify your expectations for engine use, such as longevity, fuel efficiency, and operating environment. Consider custom reman engines for significant performance boosts. Lastly, prioritize efficiency by comparing remanufacturers capable of calibrating engine electronics and integrating aftermarket parts for better fuel economy and reduced environmental impact.

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Pros and Cons of Remanufactured Engines

When replacing a worn-out existing engine, installing a remanufactured engine represents an alluring middle-ground between lower-cost used engines and premium new crate engines. Below, we summarize the key advantages and considerations around opting for a reman engine.


  • Significant Cost Savings: Properly remanufactured engines can cost 35-50% less than an equivalent new crate engine, representing substantial savings.
  • Enhanced Readability and Durability: The reman process fixes original flaws and upgrades components to improve longevity over stock engines prone to recurring issues.
  • Customization Possibilities: Tailored reman builds enable optimizing horsepower, torque, fuel economy, and emissions for your exact vehicle needs.
  • Convenience: Compatibility with existing engine mounts and electronics simplifies replacement. No break-in period is needed, either.


  • Upfront Cost Over Used Engines: While vastly cheaper than new engines, reman engines carry a higher upfront price tag than used alternatives, prioritizing value.
  • Wait Times: Lead times for customized reman engine builds can take 2-4 weeks on average and sometimes longer for rare configurations.
  • Variable Quality: Remanufacturing quality and practices vary substantially across providers, unlike mass production techniques. Thorough vetting is a must.
  • No Financing Assistance: Unlike new vehicles, reman engines typically cannot be financed over time except via credit cards or personal loans from external institutions.

Reman Engine FAQs

Is it better to rebuild or replace my engine?

Replacing the engine is likely the better option for engines with extensive damage, like cracked engine blocks. However, rebuilding or remanufacturing can restore performance and extend longevity at a fraction of the replacement cost for engines with wear and tear issues. Assessing core engine condition first helps determine the ideal route.

How long do remanufactured engines last?

Properly remanufactured engines are designed to match or exceed OEM engine durability and longevity. With adequate maintenance, you can typically expect over 100,000 additional miles. Remanufacturing enhances longevity by proactively addressing original flaws and incorporating the latest engineering advancements.

Is a remanufactured engine the same as a rebuilt one?

While both involve disassembly and cleaning, remanufactured engines undergo more stringent processes. All components get thoroughly inspected and tested during remanufacturing. Only parts meeting OEM specs get reused, with all other parts replaced. Shortcuts are common with rebuilt engines.

Does the remanufacturing process improve horsepower?

Yes, our computer-controlled process restoration can lead to efficiency and horsepower gains. Precision machining restores components to better-than-new condition, while the latest tech upgrades contribute incremental bumps, too. Some suppliers customize remanufactured engines further with special tuning, achieving targeted output goals.

Why are remanufactured engines more affordable?

Skipping costly raw material extraction and foundry costs is a major factor driving reman savings of 50% or more over new crate engines. Precision reuse of quality existing engine cores optimized via advanced reman processes offers huge value. Warranty-backed longevity also boosts lifecycle savings.

Do you offer custom remanufactured engines?

Absolutely. Our tailored remanufacturing approach can accommodate unique build specifications like power targets, fuel efficiency needs, emissions compliance, revoked applications, etc. This flexibility makes our reman engines ideal for specialty vehicles and custom projects. Contact us to explore possibilities.

How do I know a good remanufactured engine?

Look for remanufacturers like us who follow stringent processes and meet industry certifications. Key indicators involve warranty lengths, precision testing methods before sale, commitment to fixing original flaws, incorporation of tech upgrades, and positive customer reviews. These signals help verify the quality of remanufactured products.

Realize Remanufactured Engine Excellence

What is a remanufactured engineNever settle for lackluster products or services when you need an engine replacement.

As acclaimed leaders known for building the industry’s finest remanufactured engines, Patriot Engines delivers unprecedented value to vehicle owners, requiring optimal performance and lasting reliability. Our obsession with precision processes, rigorous validation testing, and custom-tailored builds yields a truly differentiated customer experience from inquiry to installation.

Whether your goal involves reviving a beloved classic, maximizing a work truck's capabilities, or extending a daily driver's service life, our remanufactured engines provide purpose-built solutions.

With configurable offerings spanning economical refurbished units to premium fully remanufactured powerhouses, we remove cost barriers hindering progress. Our unbeatable warranty coverage further reassures you that your renewed journey rests in capable hands.

Contact us today to explore how our customizable reman engines can breathe new life into your vehicle’s potential. 

Discover the confidence that comes from partnering with specialist engine builders who stand proudly behind their work down to the finest detail.

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