Warranty Disclaimer

Warranty terms will vary based on the engine purchased and will be noted on your invoice.


Used Engines

  • All used engines are sold as long block engine assemblies.
  • A long block is defined as: Cylinder heads, engine block, and all internal components.All bolt on accessories left on the long block engine assembly are not covered by warranty unless otherwise stated on the sales order and are left on the long block engine to be used at customers discretion. 
  • Length of warranty is as stated on Sales Order. No warranty on labor for used engines unless otherwise stated on invoice.
  • Some engines sold will require you to use parts of your old engine, these change over parts will sometimes cost you additional labor to be switched, Patriot Engines is not responsible for the labor cost to have the changeover parts switched.
  • Warranty period begins at date of purchase. 
  • Headgasket leaks are not covered on any used engine.
  • Engines are warranted against excessive oil consumption, defects of internal parts, cracks in block or heads, and inadequate oil pressure.
  • New radiator and oil cooler, timing belt, thermostat, oil seals, and gaskets must be installed before engine installation. 
  • New oil filter must be installed and engine oil must be replaced to manufacturer’s suggested level. 
  • We do not guarantee against oil leaks. 
  • We do not guarantee against failure of other accessories installed on the new engine from the buyer’s old engine. 
  • It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure the function of any and all accessories used on engines from Patriot Engines. 
  • It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure the transmission of the vehicle is functioning properly so it will not damage the engine. If the transmission is malfunctioning and damages the engine all warranties are voided. 
  • If the vehicle begins to get hot the buyer must stop the vehicle and turn off the engine immediately. Failure to stop the vehicle and shut off the engine immediately will result in the engine overheating and will void all warranties. 
  • If the center of the heat tab is melted out, or the heat tab is missing or the engine is run hot under any conditions the warranty is void. Please check your parts for heat tabs before return. Receipts required for all warranty claims.

Installation Checklist:

  • Ensure this engine is the same application as the one being replaced.
  • Clear all computer diagnostic codes from the vehicle before installing.
  • Exchange the flywheel and bolts (if necessary).
  • Exchange attached accessory items to ensure proper fit (mounts, intake manifold (if needed), exhaust manifold (if needed), cam phasers (if needed), distributor (if needed), sensors (if needed), wiring harness (if needed)).
  • Disable fuel/ignition before attempting to start the engine. This will allow the oil to prime as indicated by the manufacturer.
  • Drain excess oil and coolant from the exhaust system.
  • Ensure the cooling system is flushed and functioning properly.
  • The Customer agrees to return the item to us in the same condition as it received.
  • For Engines: Be sure to install a new timing belt (on belt drive engines) and set timing before installation.
  • The Customer is responsible for installing any necessary accessories that they have to take off the old engine and/or transmission and/or buy new accessories (again engine accessories are not part of the warranty, examples are: mounts, intake and exhaust manifolds, cam phasers, distributor, sensors, wiring harness.
  • Never run an engine that is not hooked up to the cooling system, such as bypassing the radiator.  Doing so will void the warranty.
  • Replace the oil pan with your existing oil pan if yours is in better shape - we do not guarantee the oil pan whatsoever as it is external and not at all part of the internal running parts of the engine.
  • Be sure to use all factory-approved parts.  Any aftermarket parts being used will void the warranty.  (Example: aftermarket oil filter and/or using oil that doesn't match the factory recommendations, as these types of things can and do cause engine failure).
  • Save all oil change receipts. We check oil change receipts to make sure that oil was changed per factory recommendations.
  • Install new fluids & new filter and new gaskets.

The Warranty does NOT cover: 

  • Engine accessories are not under warranty - these accessories include, but are not limited to: seals, gaskets, belts, flywheel, clutch, water jacket, coils, motor mounts, thermostat, spark plugs, water pump (Internal or external), starter, sensors, timing cover, timing belt, timing chain, timing guides, oil pan, alternator, distributor, valve covers, valve cover tube seals, carburetor, manifolds, fuel lines, fuel rails, crank sprocket, cam phasers, cam gear, external wiring, wiring harness.
  • Transmission accessories are not under warranty - includes but not limited to torque converter, shift linkage, wiring system, electrical switches.
  • Improper installation or repair, collision, fire, theft, accidents, misuse, negligence, racing, alteration.
  • Rental, towing charges, insurance claims, freight charges, labor costs, or any sort of handling or shipping fees whatsoever.
  • Oil leaks, and a blown head gasket/overheating if it's due to a bad cooling system.
  • Backfire, lock-up or bent valves if due to poor timing belt and/or not setting the timing correctly.
  • Warranty void if one incorrectly removes or replaces the harmonic balancer on certain engines (doing so may result in movement of the timing chain and cause bent valves). 
  • Warranty void if the engine heat tabs are melted because that means the engine was overheated. (Heat Tabs, when attached to the engine block or heads provide visual evidence that an engine has been overheated.) If heat tabs have been removed and/or tampered with in any way, it voids the warranty.
  • When engines are shipped back to us, the engine must be in the same condition as when we shipped it to you.  It cannot have been altered or broken.  It cannot be taken apart and must not come back in more than one piece.
  • If the engine is dismantled (taken apart), the warranty is void.
  • An engine will not be replaced if you wait until after the warranty period to tell us.  For instance, if you feel we sent the wrong engine (or transmission or any part) and you wait until after the warranty period to tell us about it, we will not replace it or give any compensation.  There are no exceptions to this.
  • Warranty void if the block and/or heads or any internals are removed or taken apart without written consent from Patriot Engines.
  • All cooling lines must be flushed of foreign materials. Vehicles which have engines or transmissions from Patriot Engines installed must have proper capacity cooling systems and be in good working condition.
  • No reimbursements will be given for delay, labor, mileage, towing, rental vehicle, or any other costs of installing or reinstalling a used part. 
  • In no event shall Patriot Engines be responsible for any incidental or consequential damages whatsoever.

Remanufactured Engines

  • Warranty terms will vary based on the engine purchased and will be noted on your invoice.  You will receive warranty paperwork with your invoice at the time of order.

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